Lots of things are new. We have been branching out and serving in many different ways. We have been helping a woman who showed up at last years market in an Uber vehicle. We befriended her and she has shared many things about herself. She is differently abled. She happens to be blind from birth. She doesnt mind if we talk about her to others.. But she is amazing! Independent in many ways: lives by herself, shops, goes to concerts, and most importantly is a recent graduate of massage school. She is now a licensed massage therapist and is practicing her skills at the market!. So, we have helped her by getting her some paid help with cleaning her house. She often times doesnt realize that she has left food out. Things we take for granted--like seeing! So we offer assistance with that. We give her rides to food pantries and now we are helping  to make business cards and brochures for her massage business while also teaching her how to market what she does. We also learn from her. She teaches us how it is to be blind--how do you pick out your clothes? how do you know what kind of food to buy at the store? It has been great to be able to help her and help ourselves too!.

My Sister's Place